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Graduated in physical medicine and rehabilitation from the University of Montreal in 2000, I worked for nearly 20 years mainly in pediatric and neurological rehabilitation, and with polytrauma victims of work and the road as well as people who had suffered an amputation. Passionate about art and music, I decided to join my artistic interests to my work for the second part of my career. Artists, like athletes, subject their bodies to many hours of practice, usually since childhood, which predisposes them to overuse injuries. The prevention and treatment of injuries to musicians and performing artists being an underdeveloped area so far in Quebec, I decided to seek expertise in the United States and France in order to improve care. contributed to the health of local musicians and performing artists.


June 2019: Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine" from PAMA-ACSM (Performing Arts Medicine Association and American College of Sports Medicine).

Sept 2019-sept 2022: certificate in Medicine of the Arts-Musicians with the organization Alexitère in France. Research thesis submitted to a jury in July 2022.


European Association of Arts Medicine

Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA)

International Association for Dance Medicine; Science (IADMS)

Quebec Association of Sports Physicians of Quebec

Canadian Association of Sports Physicians

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